Monday, March 14, 2011

Our 2nd pic together after over a year lol

Yep we've been together 13 1/2 months and only have like 2 pictures of us together, the first was at Halloween and we both looked like freaks lol Here's a better one.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

VOTD: Sevendust - Unraveling

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

VOTD: Sevendust - Fall

Not an honest to God video but it's a song I love so yeah.

Monday, March 7, 2011

VOTD: Disturbed - The Night

Theory of Thieves/Shawn's B-Day Bash Slideshow

Theory of Thieves/Shawn's birthday bash-Videos

I could have used these for my VOTD but I figured they deserved their own post. Trying to think of the best way to get all the pics on here as well that I took. So there may be 2 posts. All in all it was an amazing time, they did an awesome job rocking the place, there was lots of great food. Loved the jambalaya. The gator meat they used on the skewers was quite delicious as well.

*I apologize for the bad quality but I only have a digital camera that is capable of taking video that I used. You work with what you got lol

Friday, March 4, 2011

Day in the life trouble.

Can I just say my car is a junkheap? So over the past weeks we replaced a wheel bearing, then my left front tire kept going flat daily. We got a plug kit and pulled out the damn screw that was residing in there. Then the asshole dies on me driving home yesterday. That was an experience let me tell ya. I'm not going to rehash all the details but the thing quit on me about 5ish. I finally got picked up by a tow truck at 8:30. Tow truck towed me and the car to Shawn's house (Shawn being my fiancées bass player who is a former Mitsubishi tech) for him to check it out and try to fix it for us. So we got home around 10:30. I got in bed at 11. Finally drug my ass out of bed at 10 til 6 and Chris brought me to work.

VOTD: My Darkest Days - Porn Star Dancing

I know this doesn't make much sense. I pretty much hate guys that are all about one thing and that's pretty much a lot of what this song is about, but for some reason it's catchy and I like it. See I told you it didn't make sense, ya go. lol *And another note, it makes me wish I had a better body lol

There's also an extended uncensored version for anyone who may wanna watch it.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

What I look like today.

Looking pretty pissed aren't I? Loving the fuschia lipstick though. It's a Wet N Wild lipstick. Not bad for 99 cents. Can't recall the # but on the little plastic thing around it it's described as a fuchsia with blue pearl. It's not AS vibrant as it looks in this pic I just love to edit my photos. Looks more artistic when I do. lol

VOTD: Slipknot - Dead Memories

I believe I forgot to do a VOTD yesterday. I'm in a terrible ass mood today but I'm giving ya one lol

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

VOTD: Ke$ha - Blow

It's absolutely ridiculous but I LOVE it lol

Monday, February 28, 2011

VOTD: Lady Gaga - Born This Way

It comes as no surprise what today's video is. Since it's all the rage lol And I must say the video has it's bizarre points but that's to be expected lol I love the skeleton look she's got going on in some parts, being as how I have a love for skulls. hehe


Sometimes I feel like he couldn't care less about me. I know he probably doesn't mean to come across that way but that is exactly how I feel at times. Some days he pays no attention to me hardly at all and I feel like a damn ghost in the house or something. It's like I don't even exist. It really distresses me and makes that depressed feeling come over me that I was glad to be rid of for so long. He just usually seems more concerned with the Playstation 2 or band related stuff. I don't like feeling like I don't matter. But I know what it would be if I said anything, it would more than likely cause an argument and it would be twisted around in some way to make ME feel guilty for feeling like I do.

I think he has band practice tonight, I'll probably just go home and seclude myself in our room or something. Go straight to sleep hell I don't know. He'll probably go to practice just to collaborate with Jamie and Shawn Wednesday which is his birthday. I think Bill has to work that day.

It'll be alright I guess. Everything isn't always sunshine and roses. Everybody has their bad days. It'll pass.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Theory of Thieves

Yes the band is no longer nameless. They decided on a name last night. Jamie the drummer was making suggestions and I think it was nearly pretty much unanimous as soon as it came out of his mouth. It was between that one and Method of Execution which stemmed from Chris's original idea Modus Operandi.

So far they have 3 songs together and working on a 4th from Chris's previous project. The song title on that one is Sire. But the other 3 song titles are as follows: Refuse The Son, Malevolence (formerly called Kill Room in the other project), and Headcharge. All the lyrics for the songs I just mentioned were used in the Blunt Force Faction project but they are now with different music.

There is going to be a party this Saturday for Shawn, the bass player's birthday. They're gonna play the 3 songs they have, just not all in one go. They'll play one song, mingle a bit, then do another, mingle some more, then the third. I'm excited, I believe it's going to be a fun night. Shawn is making jambalaya and gator meat, which I have never tried. lol Hopefully I'll take pictures.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Batwing eyeliner

So I seen Cora (aka vintageortacky) use this in her latest tutorial and I am dying to try it now. So I've been looking up youtube videos for tutorials on techniques and how to's. I love love winged eyeliner anyway. Some days I'm decent at it other days I SUCK and cannot get it to look the same on each eye at all but yeah, I still love it.

So I thought I'd share some of the videos I found here starting with none other than vintageortacky lol

This one by missjbm22 is thicker and more dramatic but I definitely love it as well.

In this one by sharonmakeupartist the outline is done in black and colored in with brown.

I must be brave and give this look a go. If I were super creative I'd try to put my own twist on it but eh, I dunno lol I'm thinking of different looks to do it with. Thought about a neutral eye with an orange red lipstick similar to Lady Danger. Or another bright lip.

VOTD: Disturbed - The Animal

One of my very favorite Disturbed songs.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

L.A. Colors 10 Color Eyeshadow Warm Palette

Well we all know I'm very into bargain/affordable cosmetics hence my love of Wet N Wild. I also have a few L.A.Colors items and well today I ran across this 10 Color Eyeshadow palette in "Warm" there was another one that I think was called "Brights" which contained pinks and purples. Anyway I took a few shots of the Warm palette that I got it has a nice mixture of shades. Only one is matte and it's a black the rest are metallic. I took 2 with flash and 2 without so you can get a general idea.

I purchased this for $1 at a Dollar General store. I've seen their 5 color metallic palette's before but this one was a first for me.

*These 2 with flash*

*Aaaaand without flash lol*

Recent purchases

I have bought a few things lately nothing fancy of course but I finally got the I Dream of Greenie trio by Wet N Wild. I HAD to have it because of the kinda chartreuse green lid color, although I've not used it yet. Might ought to do that tomorrow. Don't know what kind of look to do with it though, the crease color doesn't seem to go with it all that well so not sure what I want to do with it. I might do a crazy pink and green combo with it, not sure. I may look up inspiration on Youtube later hehe.

Yesterday I grabbed a cheap ass pair of jeans and a shirt from Wal-Mart. Most of my jeans I have are worn out and holey, I figure every so often I'll grab a pair and build up my wardrobe. I loved the shirt I got it was just a plain grey v-neck short sleeve shirt but it's tight or form fitting and well you can see right through it, I threw another shirt over top of it today that is too low cut so the layered look works as well. Might get some spaghetti strap tanks to wear under it as well.

Then I bought some Rimmel makeup from Target. I was pretty much out of any kind of powder so I got the Translucent Stay Matte powder and grabbed a lipstick as well. It's the Lasting Finish lipstick in Pink Blush that everyone swears is a very good dupe of Mac's Viva Glam Gaga. I can't wait til someone discovers a dupe for Viva Glam Gaga 2. I want to get something similar to it as well.

VOTD: Slipknot - Psychosocial

I need to get back in the swing of things don't I? lol Here's a video for today.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

New glasses! And my look of the day.

Today's look is brought to you by....yes Wet N Wild. I used the Blue Had Me At Hello palette today and used the left side with the silvers. And I have the color Cherry Bomb on my lips which is a Wet N Wild Mega Last lipstick. It had more of a purply undertone so I wound up putting an Estee Lauder lipstick a little bit over it in Fig. Yeah I don't care I'll do daring and dramatic on the eyes AND the lips lol

Friday, February 18, 2011

Today's look

This is rather edited but just imagine the makeup a little toned down lmao This look came from the Wet n Wild 8 color palette in Blue Had Me At Hello. Used all colors on the right hand side. Lipstick is Rose-bud, it's a Wet n Wild Mega Last lipstick.

Yesterday's look

I know you can't really make out the eye look at all but I used one of the new Wet n Wild 8 color palette's in Comfort Zone. I used the green side of the palette. On the lips I have Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipstick in Vamp It Up. With Wet n Wild creme eyeliner on the eyes as well before I forget.


Been neglecting the blog a few days. I didn't figure it was a big deal cause well, no one reads it anyway hehe. Just a hobby for me I guess.

Anyway tonight I'm supposed to attend band practice and see what all is going on with my musically inclined fiancée. As I've previously stated I've not heard anything yet with this current project. So that should be exciting.

Then tomorrow after he works on my car there's supposed to be people coming over for what my future father in law calls a "picking party" just a little get together with some acoustic guitar playing and drinking lol. I rather wish I knew how to play an instrument. I'm surrounded by musical people now.

I'm still impatiently waiting for a call letting me know that both pairs of my new glasses are ready to be picked up. I'm so over these old scratched up glasses I've got.

And on another random note, I desperately want to start adding pictures to my blogs for makeup looks of the day but I'm just unable to take a decent picture I'm satisfied with. Maybe I'm overly self critical but if I think it looks bad I refuse to post it lol

Monday, February 14, 2011

VOTD: Stone Sour - Say You'll Haunt Me

I thought this would make a great Valentine's Day VOTD since it was said Corey Taylor wrote this for his new wife. Enjoy!

It's V-Day lol

I'm anxious to get home and find out what Chris bought me for Valentine's Day. When we went to the mall shopping the other day he made me wait outside Hot Topic while he picked something out before I could go in and browse. So by the time I went in to look around I was afraid to buy anything cause I was afraid I'd buy what he had already bought me. To feed his love of caramel I bought him some Ghirardelli caramel chocolates. And got a cute little Valentine themed take out looking box to put them in.

I got the take out box today at Rite Aid so I couldn't go in without looking at makeup. They had buy one get another at 50% off on Wet N Wild products so I snagged 4 Mega Last lipsticks. The colors are:
904B Rose-bud
907C Mauve Outta Here
918D Cherry Bomb
919B Vamp It Up (looks like a dark purpley color lol)

I wonder what the letters signify if anything....hmmm...

Anyway that makes 6 of those lipsticks I have now. I love 909D Coral-ine the other shade I have I can't remember what number or name it was but I just don't find it to be a flattering color on me. Maybe if I paired it with a gloss over it, it would turn out better. I just don't have hardly any glosses though lol

Wet N Wild 8 Color Palette in Comfort Zone

I hit Walgreen's the other day and found the new 8 color pallette's everyone's been raving about. To start I bought Comfort Zone but I do have intentions of getting the other 2 which are Petal Pusher and Blue Had Me At Hello if I remember right. So far I'm loving Comfort Zone though. That's all I've used since I got it. All of the colors are super pigmented just like the other Wet N Wild shadows I own. The Detailer shade on the green side of the palette has been compared to Mac's Club and Too Faced's Label Whore. An amazing shade. It can appear 3 different colors depending on how the light hits it. It's a green/brown/reddish color. Yesterday I wore that shade all over the lid and up into the crease just a bit, then paired it with Wet N Wild's Mega Last lipcolor in 909D Coral-ine (comparable to Mac's Lady Danger) and was very pleased with the results.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

VOTD: Rob Zombie - Never Gonna Stop (The Red Red Kroovy)

I'd never seen this particular video before. Definitely themed from the A Clockwork Orange movie.

Last Night

Last night was a great night, received my tax check yesterday so we went and cashed it and done a little bit of shopping. I didn't get much at Wal-Mart just 2 boxes of hair color and some new undies lol Then we had an AMAZING dinner at Olive Garden. Delicious.

So today I have an eye exam at the Sears in West Town Mall so I can finally get some new glasses. I've had my current ones far too long and they're scratched to the high heavens and are atrocious to see out of. I want to stop by Hot Topic and browse as well as go to Sephora and buy a decent eye primer cause well I've never used one. Thinking I'll get Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Chris's 11 year old sister had two friends sleep over last night. They woke me up being loud around 6:45 am. Seriously? Who knows how long they were actually awake before I woke up. Her dad has to force her out of the bed during the week for school but on a Saturday she's up and lively before the sun comes up. I may lie back down in a few and nap some more cause let's face it I get up at 5:30 every morning for work and on the weekends I WANT to sleep in lol

Friday, February 11, 2011

VOTD: DevilDriver - Dead To Rights

Here's my Friday VOTD. This video is a song by one of my favorite bands. Love 'em :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

VOTD: Overkill - Necroshine

Yeah I forgot to do one yesterday. Today I'm adding a live video in honor of where I got the name Necroshine lol

Some drugstore buys.

So it's payday and I decide to get myself a little something. Inexpensive of course as I am financially challenged lol

I've been dying to buy some Wet N Wild creme eyeliner. I've heard some rave reviews on it. A few people weren't that thrilled with the brush so I got a little mini brush kit by N.Y.C. for 1.99 I think it was that included a little eyeliner brush that might work better. Hey it was the cheapest one I could find lol Sure I would love a load more brushes but I didn't want to spend $15 bucks this trip for a bunch when I was mainly after 1 for right now. I'll have to post again on how it worked out for me.

I also got a Wet N Wild Mega Last lipstick (I know I'm all about the cheap stuff right now) in the color Coral-ine (909D) because I heard it was a close dupe in color to Mac's Lady Danger lipstick which I want to try out. Will have to use it tomorrow and see how it looks.

Non makeup related I bought Chris a bag of Ghirardelli caramel candies for Valentine's Day in a cute Valentine's little bag. It's not much but he LOVES caramel chocolates lol

Band update

Apparently they've already got 3 songs completed. Two of the guys I think are coming over tonight to plan out stuff or something or other so I'll actually get to meet a few of them. Don't know when I'll get to hear anything yet though. Hopefully soon, I used to go to practices with him as often as I could in his last project.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Well.... lol

I was supposed to get to go watch band practice tomorrow but due to scheduling of certain things I may have to wait til Thursday. Anxious to see if I find this project to be as awesome as the last 2 he was in lol He still needs to show me how to go to get there since he's going on without me and I'll have to go there after I get back in town from work.

VOTD: Alter Bridge - Isolation

I am so obsessed with this song. I absolutely love it. So here's my video pick of the day for today.

Monday, February 7, 2011

VOTD: Rihanna S&M

I don't know that I'll do this every weekday just whenever I feel like it probably. But Rihanna's S & M is my video pick of the day. lol

Friday, February 4, 2011


Just still kinda struggling with this and that. Yet hoping I come out on top of it. I write here a lot of times about things because I feel comfortable expressing myself. I'm the type of person that generally avoids any drama or conflict as best as I can. Which also means I keep a lot of stuff to myself when things bother me. Because I've come to notice nearly every time I speak up about my feelings, whoever I'm expressing myself to usually somehow winds up saying things in response to just make me feel bad or guilty. Which starts the whole cycle again of me just clamming up and not talking about things. It's easy to adopt that attitude when every time you do say anything you feel like it doesn't matter.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New band for Chris.

Apparently Chris has found a new band to work with. They loved him, he loved them, and everyone seems enthusiastic. lol They are as of yet nameless. I get to go Wednesday and check things out. He said some of his lyrics from other songs can go with the music they have. It's hard for me to imagine some of my favorite tunes of his with different music but the former lyrics. He's very talented though so we'll see lol

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just some random stuff.

It was so funny the other night. Me and Chris hopped in the Xterra to go to Kroger for shredded cheese as he was making tacos for dinner. The Xterra needed gas so we stopped at the BP. I started to get out to go in and pay for the gas but he said he would. While he was in there he got a phone call cause he was scheduled to give guitar lessons to a girl over Skype that day. Well he'd forgotten and was all flustered. I wasn't thinking either. He hopped back in the Xterra and off we drove. Didn't pump the gas. lol I finally realized after we started to leave Kroger's. I looked at the gas hand to see how far it had gone up only to discover it had NOT moved. I was like um shouldn't that be higher and then it hit us both. He looks at me with horror and is like "Oh my God." And I respond with "You never pumped the gas." lol We went back and got it though. Just hilarious.

Other random things:

* I love the Silent Treatment trio from Wet N Wild. I've used it about 3 times now and just love how it looks on me. I have used Spoiled Brat once and it turned out great. Thinking I might use a blue single that I have once in place of the pink in the trio and see how it looks like that as well with the black and silver. Maybe I'll do that in the morning lol

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I know my man loves me but I swear his lack of interest in certain things irritates the life out of me. It's not the most important thing in a relationship but I myself believe it is still important to feel wanted and desirable. I put in extra effort to try to look as best as I'm able and well it doesn't seem to do much at all for me in that department. So meanwhile he's sleeping peacefully and I'm awake and frustrated. *sigh*

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bought a few items

So I went by Rite Aid on my lunch break and picked up a few things. Rag on me for them being cheap if you want but hey, I'm on a budget lol I can't afford high end cosmetics at this point in time. (may never be able to either lol) I even finally broke down and signed up for a Wellness card so I can save a little on stuff I buy there.

I bought a Sinful Colors nail polish in the color "Dream On". Which is a lovely shade of put-your-eyes-out purple. Hope to try that out this evening. They didn't have a huge selection at Rite Aid but you can visit their website at Sinful Colors and check out the selection. They seem to have quite a lot of colors. 11 pages worth.

Also bought two Wet N Wild Color Icon trios. One is called Spoiled Brat, and the other is Silent Treatment. I want the I Dream of Greenie one as well cause green is my favorite color in the world. I'll try (key word TRY) to get some pics of the trios up and anything I do with them.


Job interview yesterday was basically a waste of my time. I went out there and basically he had went ahead and hired someone he had interviewed earlier in the day to fill the only job he had open that WASN'T overnight. So the only position he has to fill now is the overnight one which I'm not even going to bother with. I want a job closer to home sure, but overnight just isn't for me. It would have been nice since he brought up that I didn't have overnight listed as availability for myself if he had called and let me know that's all he had open before I drove out there.

Hopefully something else comes up. I'd rather it be in the Maryville area rather than Knoxville as well. Gotta apply to more places and Chris wants to get me set up in another temp places system.

On another note today is payday. I feel like treating myself to some small little something. Inexpensive for sure, maybe some nail polish or something.

Monday, January 24, 2011

More changes?

I won't go into very many details on why...but I feel SOOOOO much better today lol. I had a difficult weekend at my mother's house, like I said before she makes me insane. Positively infuriates me at times. I got to go home where I feel more comfortable yesterday and got a phone call last night. I have a job interview at Walgreen's Wednesday at 6. Will probably leave work a half hour early to ensure I get there on time because traffic can be hellish.

My ex fiancée wrote me a message on Myspace as well. Same bullshit as usual. He misses talking to me and how we used to be, he's sorry for messing things up with me. And like last time he left his cell #. I replied and told him he only writes me when he gets tired of whoever he's with. And that it would be in his best interest to not contact me anymore or I'll gladly give his # to my fiancée and then he can make it clear for him.

So far the day has flew by, I've got lunch in 15 minutes, hopefully the rest of the day goes quickly. Just want to get home.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Today is just not my day.

At least so far. It snowed overnight but not a lot, roads were fine all the way to work except for one slick spot I came across. That is the road was fine til I turned onto my work road and got past the prison. Beyond that it was very slick. Then I make it in the driveway park in the parking lot and attempt to walk to the front door and proceed to fall. Banged my right knee up real good, it hurts. Then I fell again trying to get up, I thought for sure I was gonna have to freaking crawl to get to the building in one piece. I get in the office and just proceed to just cry, couldn't stop. It's not that it really hurt that bad I was just pissed and I'm stressed and depressed and I guess that was all it took to set me off. Hell I'm about to start again if I'm not careful.

My car is fudged up somehow. Come Monday I'm going to have to start driving the Xterra cause we think the trans axle is going out on my car, it drives like total shit. I'd say the Xterra might take more gas, but hell my car has been using more than it should apparently. To go to work and come home usually uses half a tank in one day. Chris said that it didn't before when he drove to his PO appointments and back.

I hope this year starts looking up cause it hasn't started out good for me.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Job hunt

I applied online for 3 different places in my area today: Staples, Walgreen's, and CVS. Hopefully something happens lol I used to work at Rite Aid as a Pharmacy Tech so it'd be cool to do that again at either of these places. Of course I'm quite rusty at all the things I used to do but I'm sure they provide THOROUGH training. One of them also expects that you take the certification test sometime within 18 months of taking the job.

I think the power just flickered. May make another post later lol

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Last night

So last night was pretty fun, it was my fiancées sister's family birthday party. Her birthday isn't til later in the month but we didn't think she'd be in the state the day of her actual birthday so the party was last night. We played Wii. lol Which I had never done before. I played my future lil sis-in-law at tennis and it was a quick game, didn't know what I was doing. I also played her in the boxing game and we tied. Let me tell ya, I was a bit chilly when we started but that warmed me up real quick. lol

So yeah I discovered yesterday that ideally I should be drinking 90 oz's of water a day. So....I'm going to try to start.

Oh yeah yesterday when I came home my future lil sis-in-law actually came up and gave me a hug. Kinda threw me for a loop but it was cute, guess she's getting used to me lol

First posting.

I know it's a generic title but hey. I started this blog to write just whatever happens to be on my mind. Some say writing is therapeutic. And this year hasn't quite started off perfectly. 2010 was a good year but I'm having trouble adjusting to some things this year I guess.

One major change began in late December of 2010. I moved out of my apartment, the first and only place I'd ever lived in by myself. I had been there 4 years I guess. As if that wasn't bad enough me and my fiancée moved in at my mother's temporarily. The woman makes me insane and she did irritate us the brief time we were there. We expected to be there a couple of months. But we moved out of there sooner than we had anticipated and in at his father's house. He's a breath of fresh air after having been at my mom's. It's definitely different though living with others when you're used to just living with your significant other. Things are off track in certain areas and that bums me out as well. So yeah in some ways I miss the old apartment.

On to the next trouble, I need to find a new job. I've been at my current job nearly 5 years. Where I live now is an hour and 10 minute drive away from my job. I don't make enough to even justify keeping this job especially with the amount I have to spend on gas a week just to get here. 50 cents above minimum wage to be exact. After FIVE years. After paying rent, and what bills we have, plus the gas money...I don't have much else left to even enjoy. Plus getting up at 5:30 so I can ready then leave by at least 6:45 is draining me. By the time I get home I only have a few hours to even do anything enjoyable before bed.

My daughter lives with her father and stepmother. She used to be with me after the divorce and gradually she started staying with her dad more til she was there permanently. I only get her less than 48 hours a month and I'm over it. They always have plans and are just on the go all the damn time. So she gets to stay the night if I'm lucky every other weekend. Generally less than 24 hours. They drop her off or I pick her up one evening and they get her the next day. Not to mention the real kicker that pisses me off now is that I've moved and they won't let her stay with me where I live now. I have to stay at my mom's to see her. Which I already mentioned she makes me crazy.

Well I'm going to stop there with the bitching, I may post another blog with some things I need to start doing this year to help with shedding some weight and slimming up. I'd like to do that before I get married whenever that may be. We have no real date set just hoping for this year sometime.