Thursday, January 27, 2011


Job interview yesterday was basically a waste of my time. I went out there and basically he had went ahead and hired someone he had interviewed earlier in the day to fill the only job he had open that WASN'T overnight. So the only position he has to fill now is the overnight one which I'm not even going to bother with. I want a job closer to home sure, but overnight just isn't for me. It would have been nice since he brought up that I didn't have overnight listed as availability for myself if he had called and let me know that's all he had open before I drove out there.

Hopefully something else comes up. I'd rather it be in the Maryville area rather than Knoxville as well. Gotta apply to more places and Chris wants to get me set up in another temp places system.

On another note today is payday. I feel like treating myself to some small little something. Inexpensive for sure, maybe some nail polish or something.