Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bought a few items

So I went by Rite Aid on my lunch break and picked up a few things. Rag on me for them being cheap if you want but hey, I'm on a budget lol I can't afford high end cosmetics at this point in time. (may never be able to either lol) I even finally broke down and signed up for a Wellness card so I can save a little on stuff I buy there.

I bought a Sinful Colors nail polish in the color "Dream On". Which is a lovely shade of put-your-eyes-out purple. Hope to try that out this evening. They didn't have a huge selection at Rite Aid but you can visit their website at Sinful Colors and check out the selection. They seem to have quite a lot of colors. 11 pages worth.

Also bought two Wet N Wild Color Icon trios. One is called Spoiled Brat, and the other is Silent Treatment. I want the I Dream of Greenie one as well cause green is my favorite color in the world. I'll try (key word TRY) to get some pics of the trios up and anything I do with them.