Monday, January 24, 2011

More changes?

I won't go into very many details on why...but I feel SOOOOO much better today lol. I had a difficult weekend at my mother's house, like I said before she makes me insane. Positively infuriates me at times. I got to go home where I feel more comfortable yesterday and got a phone call last night. I have a job interview at Walgreen's Wednesday at 6. Will probably leave work a half hour early to ensure I get there on time because traffic can be hellish.

My ex fiancée wrote me a message on Myspace as well. Same bullshit as usual. He misses talking to me and how we used to be, he's sorry for messing things up with me. And like last time he left his cell #. I replied and told him he only writes me when he gets tired of whoever he's with. And that it would be in his best interest to not contact me anymore or I'll gladly give his # to my fiancée and then he can make it clear for him.

So far the day has flew by, I've got lunch in 15 minutes, hopefully the rest of the day goes quickly. Just want to get home.