Friday, January 21, 2011

Today is just not my day.

At least so far. It snowed overnight but not a lot, roads were fine all the way to work except for one slick spot I came across. That is the road was fine til I turned onto my work road and got past the prison. Beyond that it was very slick. Then I make it in the driveway park in the parking lot and attempt to walk to the front door and proceed to fall. Banged my right knee up real good, it hurts. Then I fell again trying to get up, I thought for sure I was gonna have to freaking crawl to get to the building in one piece. I get in the office and just proceed to just cry, couldn't stop. It's not that it really hurt that bad I was just pissed and I'm stressed and depressed and I guess that was all it took to set me off. Hell I'm about to start again if I'm not careful.

My car is fudged up somehow. Come Monday I'm going to have to start driving the Xterra cause we think the trans axle is going out on my car, it drives like total shit. I'd say the Xterra might take more gas, but hell my car has been using more than it should apparently. To go to work and come home usually uses half a tank in one day. Chris said that it didn't before when he drove to his PO appointments and back.

I hope this year starts looking up cause it hasn't started out good for me.