Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First posting.

I know it's a generic title but hey. I started this blog to write just whatever happens to be on my mind. Some say writing is therapeutic. And this year hasn't quite started off perfectly. 2010 was a good year but I'm having trouble adjusting to some things this year I guess.

One major change began in late December of 2010. I moved out of my apartment, the first and only place I'd ever lived in by myself. I had been there 4 years I guess. As if that wasn't bad enough me and my fiancée moved in at my mother's temporarily. The woman makes me insane and she did irritate us the brief time we were there. We expected to be there a couple of months. But we moved out of there sooner than we had anticipated and in at his father's house. He's a breath of fresh air after having been at my mom's. It's definitely different though living with others when you're used to just living with your significant other. Things are off track in certain areas and that bums me out as well. So yeah in some ways I miss the old apartment.

On to the next trouble, I need to find a new job. I've been at my current job nearly 5 years. Where I live now is an hour and 10 minute drive away from my job. I don't make enough to even justify keeping this job especially with the amount I have to spend on gas a week just to get here. 50 cents above minimum wage to be exact. After FIVE years. After paying rent, and what bills we have, plus the gas money...I don't have much else left to even enjoy. Plus getting up at 5:30 so I can ready then leave by at least 6:45 is draining me. By the time I get home I only have a few hours to even do anything enjoyable before bed.

My daughter lives with her father and stepmother. She used to be with me after the divorce and gradually she started staying with her dad more til she was there permanently. I only get her less than 48 hours a month and I'm over it. They always have plans and are just on the go all the damn time. So she gets to stay the night if I'm lucky every other weekend. Generally less than 24 hours. They drop her off or I pick her up one evening and they get her the next day. Not to mention the real kicker that pisses me off now is that I've moved and they won't let her stay with me where I live now. I have to stay at my mom's to see her. Which I already mentioned she makes me crazy.

Well I'm going to stop there with the bitching, I may post another blog with some things I need to start doing this year to help with shedding some weight and slimming up. I'd like to do that before I get married whenever that may be. We have no real date set just hoping for this year sometime.