Saturday, January 29, 2011


I know my man loves me but I swear his lack of interest in certain things irritates the life out of me. It's not the most important thing in a relationship but I myself believe it is still important to feel wanted and desirable. I put in extra effort to try to look as best as I'm able and well it doesn't seem to do much at all for me in that department. So meanwhile he's sleeping peacefully and I'm awake and frustrated. *sigh*

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bought a few items

So I went by Rite Aid on my lunch break and picked up a few things. Rag on me for them being cheap if you want but hey, I'm on a budget lol I can't afford high end cosmetics at this point in time. (may never be able to either lol) I even finally broke down and signed up for a Wellness card so I can save a little on stuff I buy there.

I bought a Sinful Colors nail polish in the color "Dream On". Which is a lovely shade of put-your-eyes-out purple. Hope to try that out this evening. They didn't have a huge selection at Rite Aid but you can visit their website at Sinful Colors and check out the selection. They seem to have quite a lot of colors. 11 pages worth.

Also bought two Wet N Wild Color Icon trios. One is called Spoiled Brat, and the other is Silent Treatment. I want the I Dream of Greenie one as well cause green is my favorite color in the world. I'll try (key word TRY) to get some pics of the trios up and anything I do with them.


Job interview yesterday was basically a waste of my time. I went out there and basically he had went ahead and hired someone he had interviewed earlier in the day to fill the only job he had open that WASN'T overnight. So the only position he has to fill now is the overnight one which I'm not even going to bother with. I want a job closer to home sure, but overnight just isn't for me. It would have been nice since he brought up that I didn't have overnight listed as availability for myself if he had called and let me know that's all he had open before I drove out there.

Hopefully something else comes up. I'd rather it be in the Maryville area rather than Knoxville as well. Gotta apply to more places and Chris wants to get me set up in another temp places system.

On another note today is payday. I feel like treating myself to some small little something. Inexpensive for sure, maybe some nail polish or something.

Monday, January 24, 2011

More changes?

I won't go into very many details on why...but I feel SOOOOO much better today lol. I had a difficult weekend at my mother's house, like I said before she makes me insane. Positively infuriates me at times. I got to go home where I feel more comfortable yesterday and got a phone call last night. I have a job interview at Walgreen's Wednesday at 6. Will probably leave work a half hour early to ensure I get there on time because traffic can be hellish.

My ex fiancée wrote me a message on Myspace as well. Same bullshit as usual. He misses talking to me and how we used to be, he's sorry for messing things up with me. And like last time he left his cell #. I replied and told him he only writes me when he gets tired of whoever he's with. And that it would be in his best interest to not contact me anymore or I'll gladly give his # to my fiancée and then he can make it clear for him.

So far the day has flew by, I've got lunch in 15 minutes, hopefully the rest of the day goes quickly. Just want to get home.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Today is just not my day.

At least so far. It snowed overnight but not a lot, roads were fine all the way to work except for one slick spot I came across. That is the road was fine til I turned onto my work road and got past the prison. Beyond that it was very slick. Then I make it in the driveway park in the parking lot and attempt to walk to the front door and proceed to fall. Banged my right knee up real good, it hurts. Then I fell again trying to get up, I thought for sure I was gonna have to freaking crawl to get to the building in one piece. I get in the office and just proceed to just cry, couldn't stop. It's not that it really hurt that bad I was just pissed and I'm stressed and depressed and I guess that was all it took to set me off. Hell I'm about to start again if I'm not careful.

My car is fudged up somehow. Come Monday I'm going to have to start driving the Xterra cause we think the trans axle is going out on my car, it drives like total shit. I'd say the Xterra might take more gas, but hell my car has been using more than it should apparently. To go to work and come home usually uses half a tank in one day. Chris said that it didn't before when he drove to his PO appointments and back.

I hope this year starts looking up cause it hasn't started out good for me.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Job hunt

I applied online for 3 different places in my area today: Staples, Walgreen's, and CVS. Hopefully something happens lol I used to work at Rite Aid as a Pharmacy Tech so it'd be cool to do that again at either of these places. Of course I'm quite rusty at all the things I used to do but I'm sure they provide THOROUGH training. One of them also expects that you take the certification test sometime within 18 months of taking the job.

I think the power just flickered. May make another post later lol

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Last night

So last night was pretty fun, it was my fiancées sister's family birthday party. Her birthday isn't til later in the month but we didn't think she'd be in the state the day of her actual birthday so the party was last night. We played Wii. lol Which I had never done before. I played my future lil sis-in-law at tennis and it was a quick game, didn't know what I was doing. I also played her in the boxing game and we tied. Let me tell ya, I was a bit chilly when we started but that warmed me up real quick. lol

So yeah I discovered yesterday that ideally I should be drinking 90 oz's of water a day. So....I'm going to try to start.

Oh yeah yesterday when I came home my future lil sis-in-law actually came up and gave me a hug. Kinda threw me for a loop but it was cute, guess she's getting used to me lol

First posting.

I know it's a generic title but hey. I started this blog to write just whatever happens to be on my mind. Some say writing is therapeutic. And this year hasn't quite started off perfectly. 2010 was a good year but I'm having trouble adjusting to some things this year I guess.

One major change began in late December of 2010. I moved out of my apartment, the first and only place I'd ever lived in by myself. I had been there 4 years I guess. As if that wasn't bad enough me and my fiancée moved in at my mother's temporarily. The woman makes me insane and she did irritate us the brief time we were there. We expected to be there a couple of months. But we moved out of there sooner than we had anticipated and in at his father's house. He's a breath of fresh air after having been at my mom's. It's definitely different though living with others when you're used to just living with your significant other. Things are off track in certain areas and that bums me out as well. So yeah in some ways I miss the old apartment.

On to the next trouble, I need to find a new job. I've been at my current job nearly 5 years. Where I live now is an hour and 10 minute drive away from my job. I don't make enough to even justify keeping this job especially with the amount I have to spend on gas a week just to get here. 50 cents above minimum wage to be exact. After FIVE years. After paying rent, and what bills we have, plus the gas money...I don't have much else left to even enjoy. Plus getting up at 5:30 so I can ready then leave by at least 6:45 is draining me. By the time I get home I only have a few hours to even do anything enjoyable before bed.

My daughter lives with her father and stepmother. She used to be with me after the divorce and gradually she started staying with her dad more til she was there permanently. I only get her less than 48 hours a month and I'm over it. They always have plans and are just on the go all the damn time. So she gets to stay the night if I'm lucky every other weekend. Generally less than 24 hours. They drop her off or I pick her up one evening and they get her the next day. Not to mention the real kicker that pisses me off now is that I've moved and they won't let her stay with me where I live now. I have to stay at my mom's to see her. Which I already mentioned she makes me crazy.

Well I'm going to stop there with the bitching, I may post another blog with some things I need to start doing this year to help with shedding some weight and slimming up. I'd like to do that before I get married whenever that may be. We have no real date set just hoping for this year sometime.