Friday, February 25, 2011

Theory of Thieves

Yes the band is no longer nameless. They decided on a name last night. Jamie the drummer was making suggestions and I think it was nearly pretty much unanimous as soon as it came out of his mouth. It was between that one and Method of Execution which stemmed from Chris's original idea Modus Operandi.

So far they have 3 songs together and working on a 4th from Chris's previous project. The song title on that one is Sire. But the other 3 song titles are as follows: Refuse The Son, Malevolence (formerly called Kill Room in the other project), and Headcharge. All the lyrics for the songs I just mentioned were used in the Blunt Force Faction project but they are now with different music.

There is going to be a party this Saturday for Shawn, the bass player's birthday. They're gonna play the 3 songs they have, just not all in one go. They'll play one song, mingle a bit, then do another, mingle some more, then the third. I'm excited, I believe it's going to be a fun night. Shawn is making jambalaya and gator meat, which I have never tried. lol Hopefully I'll take pictures.