Monday, February 14, 2011

It's V-Day lol

I'm anxious to get home and find out what Chris bought me for Valentine's Day. When we went to the mall shopping the other day he made me wait outside Hot Topic while he picked something out before I could go in and browse. So by the time I went in to look around I was afraid to buy anything cause I was afraid I'd buy what he had already bought me. To feed his love of caramel I bought him some Ghirardelli caramel chocolates. And got a cute little Valentine themed take out looking box to put them in.

I got the take out box today at Rite Aid so I couldn't go in without looking at makeup. They had buy one get another at 50% off on Wet N Wild products so I snagged 4 Mega Last lipsticks. The colors are:
904B Rose-bud
907C Mauve Outta Here
918D Cherry Bomb
919B Vamp It Up (looks like a dark purpley color lol)

I wonder what the letters signify if anything....hmmm...

Anyway that makes 6 of those lipsticks I have now. I love 909D Coral-ine the other shade I have I can't remember what number or name it was but I just don't find it to be a flattering color on me. Maybe if I paired it with a gloss over it, it would turn out better. I just don't have hardly any glosses though lol