Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just some random stuff.

It was so funny the other night. Me and Chris hopped in the Xterra to go to Kroger for shredded cheese as he was making tacos for dinner. The Xterra needed gas so we stopped at the BP. I started to get out to go in and pay for the gas but he said he would. While he was in there he got a phone call cause he was scheduled to give guitar lessons to a girl over Skype that day. Well he'd forgotten and was all flustered. I wasn't thinking either. He hopped back in the Xterra and off we drove. Didn't pump the gas. lol I finally realized after we started to leave Kroger's. I looked at the gas hand to see how far it had gone up only to discover it had NOT moved. I was like um shouldn't that be higher and then it hit us both. He looks at me with horror and is like "Oh my God." And I respond with "You never pumped the gas." lol We went back and got it though. Just hilarious.

Other random things:

* I love the Silent Treatment trio from Wet N Wild. I've used it about 3 times now and just love how it looks on me. I have used Spoiled Brat once and it turned out great. Thinking I might use a blue single that I have once in place of the pink in the trio and see how it looks like that as well with the black and silver. Maybe I'll do that in the morning lol