Saturday, February 12, 2011

Last Night

Last night was a great night, received my tax check yesterday so we went and cashed it and done a little bit of shopping. I didn't get much at Wal-Mart just 2 boxes of hair color and some new undies lol Then we had an AMAZING dinner at Olive Garden. Delicious.

So today I have an eye exam at the Sears in West Town Mall so I can finally get some new glasses. I've had my current ones far too long and they're scratched to the high heavens and are atrocious to see out of. I want to stop by Hot Topic and browse as well as go to Sephora and buy a decent eye primer cause well I've never used one. Thinking I'll get Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Chris's 11 year old sister had two friends sleep over last night. They woke me up being loud around 6:45 am. Seriously? Who knows how long they were actually awake before I woke up. Her dad has to force her out of the bed during the week for school but on a Saturday she's up and lively before the sun comes up. I may lie back down in a few and nap some more cause let's face it I get up at 5:30 every morning for work and on the weekends I WANT to sleep in lol